Who We Are


SARRA is Solidarity Association for Rehabilitation and Recovery Affairs (SARRA Org) is a focus of hope for general transformation of the vulnerable citizen to the positive life’s attitude and peaceful co-existence.  South Sudan is a new country which inherited problems of  a converted a night mare re-targeted for devastated conflict and civil wars from Sudan which was cited as the longest guerrilla movement in Africa for more than fifty years  a roaming spectrum  sufferings and many decades of instability,  the agreement was signed Jan 2005 in Nairobi Kenya between the Government of Sudan and SPLA/M.

The impacts of this conflicts has logged both human and economic situation, the symptoms are graphically explicit in the daily confronted by the targeted people or groups. These disheartening situation calls on humanitarian and  good wishers and other stakeholders for the seeks of the survivals of this targeted people to look the way forwards for getting means of how best they can back to the right track.