Solidarity Association for Rehabilitation and Recovery Affairs (SARRA ) is an a national Non Organization initiatedfor transformation of all the communities by encouraging, them to participate for the national decision – making and further getting solution the issues that affect them negatively through making them understand their roles responsibilities for resolving their needs and crisis, and sharing with them to know that toomuch depending on outside supports is part of responsibility abuse and becoming slaves of suffering with dependency syndromes , all the communities members must be trained and build their capacity to play their part in improving their food security and livelihood, education and good governances for wellness so that all people can succeed to help themselves .As the leading voice for their selves, SARRA is developing a strong communities based programs, enhance, advocacy efforts, expand and better steward for communities resources mobilization , enhance communities to become more efficient, and reflected the diversity of our country. All the organization development documents of SARRA like strategic plans developed according to the beneficiaries and stakeholders needs an essential guide for current and future work. SARRAgeneral Assembly, Board of Directors members and organization Management are the direct stake holders to developed it and implement this plan, and take on the challenges and opportunities that await this strategic plan