Licki Albert Gummatal
Chairperson BOD
Licki Albert Gummatal, a South Sudanese and a resident of Imatong State.
Janet lakony Kanjo
Deputy C/P
Janet, a faithful Born Again Christian is one of the Trustees of SARRA who hails from Magwi County. She’s been like a true mother to SARRA.
Jackson Ukello Akur
Mr. Ukello is a South Sudanese elder aged 46 years old and a devoted Christian (Catholic) who works at the National Bureau of Statistics in Torit.
Davica Ikai Grasiano
Ikai is one of those who has been playing a very motherly role in directing SARRA, her voice adds to those who help in guiding the directions taken by SARRA in it’s goals of fostering peace within South Sudan.
Gildo Abala Remy
Team leader for FSL
Elder Gildo a South Sudanese and a faithful Christian aged 58 years old. No amount of gratitude can pay for his immense advisory contributions to SARRA
Agapito Lolikay Locho Afatio
Eexecutive Member
Mr. Afatio is one of our trustees based in Burhutule Boma of Torit-Imatong State. Through his Christian faith, Afatio loves to serve the lord Jesus Christ with all his heart, body, heart and soul.
Joseph Da Aburi Osvaldo
Team leader for resources mobilization
Aburi, aged 54 is part of the great members of SARRA trustees who is always available to offer his unconditional help when needed. He locates in Torit State Hosptia of Imatong State
Emmanuel Justin Chungo Wani
Team leader for social services
Mr. Chungo’s warmly presence in SARRA is one of the most amazing that ever happened. He is a christian and aged 44 years of age.