Lokido Jimmy Killang Silverious
Country Director

Jimmy is one of the most resourceful country Directors in South Sudan. His 11 years of professional work has had great impact on SARRA.

Okech Wilson
Project Officer

Mr Okech is our project Officer based in the Torit Office. He has handled multiple projects for SARRA over a period of 7 years.

Hakim Paride Mamur
Program Manager

Hakim's Managerial skills has accrued and outstanding result for SARRA. He has been with us for over 10 years.

Agnes Aguai
Finance Officer

Agnes handles all the finances channeled to our Torit Officer. She holds Bachelor's Degree and has been with us for a month now.

Esther Ikoki
Field Officer

Esther has been tussling it out in the field with implementation of our projects for over 5 months now.

Silverio Thomas Silverio
Logistics Officer

Silverio handles all our procurement and logistics processes and ensures that it is conducted ethically and in accordance with the NGO policy and guidelines.

Phoni Harith Wani
Finance Assistant

Phoni Harith has maximized her finance management experience with us over a period of 2 years now. She is based in our Juba Office.