Our History

SARRA Org History – The First 12 Years

The story of one decade SARRA Org, as seen through out the eyes of its members, leaders and the outside stakeholders

SARRA Org is best known for its long term operational in the South Sudan. Through the 12 years, numerous supporting communities issues and to brainstorm on solutions to address these challenges through themselves in areas of community safety or security, conflicts resolution, supporting people with disabilities, food security and livelihood building the capacities of the communities leaders, government and civil society leaders have made their way to the high Alps to consider it as the major consistent organization in the Republic of South Sudan

While many communities and societies, institutions are notable benefited for the breadth national development through training communities, institutions members to have skills and powerful leadership attending their gatherings and participate to decision- making.  Indeed all the activities and initiatives of the organization around the communities are distinguished by the active participation of both, government representatives, business community and civil society figures. The organization engages the most experienced and the most promising, all working together in the collaborative and collegial ‘Spirit of team work’.

SARRA Org was originally known as a non-profit community based organization based in South Sudan It drew members and leaders from the nation South Sudan.

Initially, Professor Schwab focused the meetings on how European firms could catch up with US management practices. He also developed and promoted the ‘stakeholder’ management approach, which based corporate success on managers taking account of all interests: not merely shareholders, clients and customers, but employees and the communities within which they operate, including government.

Previously vision SARRA Org was to participate for elevation of three enemies of human being (hungers, illiteracy and poor health and environment)  SARRA Org grew steadily as a result of consistency operating and achieving ‘milestones targeted events since 2006-2013

SARRA Org was the first non-governmental institution to initiate in Eastern Equatoria State Torit after nine (9) years later; the organization introduced a system and registered as a national Non- governmental in the Republic of South Sudan through many recommendations from the state government during rating of the national organization membership who are operating in Eastern Equatoria State particularly. SARRA for many years become ‘the leading community based organization in the state SARRA Org during strategic plan reviewed 2016 -2020 the general assembly sought to broaden its

Vision : to be a leading organization for empowerment people to live a better and sustainable life

Mission: – Transforming communities for peaceful co-existence and sustainable development through promoting food production, human rights, clean healthy environment and industrialization and participating for national decision- making

 Goal: – Communities having sustainable food security, clean healthy environment and respect for humanity.

Core Values

  • Team work, Tolerance , Transparency and accountability
  • Integrity, Respect to everybody value
  • Gender sensitivity, Equity and equality
  • inspiring for excellent result

 SARRA Motto: – Efficient and effective Society

Methodology: In preparing this Strategic Plan, a participatory and collaborative approach comprising Literature Review, Key Informants Interviews (KII), Focused Group Discussions (FDGs) and Stakeholder Consultative Workshops was adopted. A validation workshop was held and the recommendations of the Draft Strategic Plan 2016-20120 discussed. The validation workshop was attended by board members and management team of SARRA Org, stakeholders NGO’S and Government representatives, the bellow mentioned were issues identified and prioritized

  • Food security and livelihood /nutrition’s
  • Civic education and vocational training
  • Peace building and conflict resolution and management
  • Watson
  • In adequate financial for organization sustainability
  • Building the capacity of Board and management
  • Industrialization
  • Disaster Risk Reduction and management
  • Rehabilitation of schools, health centers, community centers
  • Environmental and conservation sustainability


Together with our Partners and Members, SARRA Org has for many years been developing and leading agendas on a wide array of sustainability-related topics including community attitudes positively  changes, the economical, knowledgeable , water resource management training skills vegetable productions , village saving loans associations, small  business skills Peace building, consumes resources and creates impact in the course of daily work. It is therefore SARRA responsibility to be fully aware of and to practice sustainability in its activities.

  • In publishing the Sustainability policy, the SARRA is fully recognizes the importance of sustainability in developing and strengthening its mission, notably by taking a leadership role in advancing global understanding of sustainability, developing strategic plan and to implement the best practices to reduce the negative operational impact of its beneficiaries on the environment and it plans .
  • This need a policy to assure a more structured and transparent approach to its implementation.
  • SARRA Org aim for strong focus on sustainability practices at all the meetings, activities with other stakeholders  and in it day-to-day activities in operations sites and offices, all crucial for direct impact to Sustainability Policy endorsed by the Managing Board

Leadership and Governance

Board of Directors leadership

  • In 04th February 2017 SARRA Org Board of Directors was re-structure and recognized through the signature of  the seven members of Board of Directors  as the Organization institutional
  • The 4th members of BD strive to model world-class governance, where values are as important as rules. Legitimacy, accountability, transparency and concerted action are the guiding principles of the Organization.
  • The SARRA Org is guided by a Board of Directors, exceptional individuals who act as guardians of its mission and values, and oversee the organization’s work in promoting true global citizenship.
  • The Board of Directors led by Chairperson comprises of ten members plus two members from the management outstanding leaders from the high profile or professional business community, Civil servants, academia and civil society, their work on the Board of Directors membership do not represent any personal interests, to reflect the Board’s multi stakeholder status, its membership is divided equally between representatives of the business community and leaders from high level profile personals and civil society who are free from the politic parties or any discriminatory organizations .
s/no Name Position Education back ground
1 Licki Albert Gumatana Chairperson MA  in Education
2 Genet Lakoy Karlo D/CP BSC
3 Remy Gildo Abala Executive member BSC
4 Davidica Ikai FSL team leader D/BM Adm
5 Oromo Jimmy Legal advisor BSC/ law
6 Joseph DA Aburi SR Team leader D/MA
7 Agapito Lolika RM team leader D/BA/Finance
8 Emmanuel Justine Chungo Member BSC Education
9 Jackson Ukelo Member BSC statistic
10 Lokido Jimmy Killang Report our D/BM Adm
11 Lodovico Oryiem Albert Member D/CS

Management leadership : The Country Director Board or management staff acts as the executive body of the organization to t ensures that documentations activities fulfill the mission of the organization and acts as its representative to outside BD final decisions.

  • The Managing Board has a collective executive responsibility for the Forum and reports to the Board of Trustees.