Solidarity Association for Rehabilitation & Recovery Affairs (SARRA) was first established way back in 2005 after the government had just signed the CPA. By 2014, was registered as a national NGO on 26/10/2016 by the Ministry of Justice and Judiciary affairs REG/NO 2202.  The geographic operation area of SARRA is the former Eastern Equatorial state in the counties of Torit, Ikwotos, Budi and Magwi County The main aim of promotion was to promote social economic development among communities which had suffered a lot as a result of long civil wars against the Sudan Khartoum government which had neglected and segregated the southern region occupied by the blacks.

The organization attracted a number of donors who gave it funds to implement various projects such as bee keeping, child protection, good governance, agriculture, peace building, land ACT dissemination, water and sanitation, road infrastructure, Community security, life skills and general civic education. The main donors to SARRA are FAO, CORDAID, and Safer world, EU through War Child Holland, CARITAS, NCA, UNICEF, Handicap International and GOSS