“2006-2015” SARRA Projects

Project Name Donor / Partner Location Activities Key achievements / Milestones Period Amount Remarks / Challenges
Material Support to schools Ministry of Education Torit county Provision of stationeries to schools Assorted stationeries distributed to schools 2006-2007 Inadequate teachers and learning space
Agriculture Support program me FAO, NPA, CARITAS, BRIDGE Torit county Provision of farm tools and inputs Increased area under crops 2008- 2009  
Food Security and Livelihood Ministry of Agriculture Torit county Training farmers on agriculture techniques Improved crop yield and income 2007 to date Inadequate funds to support technical staff and transport
Road rehabilitation FAO, NCA, Ministry of Housing Illetu- Lowoi Kudo Road maintenance 11 km road maintained (Juba – Lowoi) 2008-2009 Inadequate funds to support technical staff and transport
Farm input support program me FAO Bur, Nyong, Lowoi, 1murok, Ifwotu, Himodonge and Hiyala Payam Seed Distribution to farmers More than 2500 vulnerable farmers benefited with seeds and there was improved area under production and food availability


4 staff directly employed for the exercise

April to June 2015 High expectation from farmers
Farmer Group Support Project- FGSP CORDAID Torit county ü  Mobilization of farmers into groups

ü  Training farmer groups on modern agriculture techniques

ü  Provision of farm tools & seeds

ü  Participation of Farmers show

·         Mobilized and trained 16 groups with a total of 480 farmers on modern agric techniques. Established 16 group farms of 120 acres

·         Five water pump generators procured

·         8 sacks of cassava cuttings purchased

·         General increase in yield and income of farmers


09/2014 to 31/12/2015 §  Drought

§  Delayed disbursement of funds

§  Hunger

§  Insecurity

§  Mobility of staff in the field

§  Few field staff

§  Late distribution of inputs


Farmer Group Support Project BRAC/ UNMISS Torit county ü  Distribution of farm tools and seeds

ü  Training of farmers

200 farmers benefited with tools and seeds and were trained 2007 §  Poor quality seeds

§  Lots of rain destroyed crops

§  High demand of seeds from farmers

Partnership for Peace European Union / WCH Nyibira/ Tirangore  Hiyala Payam Children Rights Many parents and children were sensitized on children rights 2013-2015 §  Insecurity

§  Cultural norms

Peace and Reconciliation NCA, CRS Imurok Payam and Lowoi Community mobilization   2008 and 2010 §
HIV/AIDS program me HIV ALLIANCE, AIDS International, CARITAS Hiyala Payam/Himodonge and Nyong Payam  Torit County Reproductive health training ·         Youth were trained on peer education and condom use

·         Peer educator were able to refer other youth to youth centers

·         Voluntary testing and counseling

2009 and 2013/ 2014 §  Mobilizing youth was a challenge

§  Cultural norms

§  Limited funds to continue the project

Bee keeping project Min of Gender & Child Welfare Imurok Isaloro Purchase and installation of hives ·         Direct beneficiaries F-40, M11, Total 51 with bee management skills

·         21 hives under harvesting and over 200 liters honey harvested in 2014

2010 / 2014 §  Project ongoing
Civic education and voter education NDI Torit county Community mobilization and sensitization ·         Distribution of materials on democracy and election

·         Education to voters

2010 §
Malaria control and prevention PSI Torit county Capacity building · 2010 §
Integrated child protection program WCH Askal, iluhum, Hilieu, Odorio,MairoTirangore and ibalany primary school Child protection issues and construction of community center More than 150 children reached


7 community mobilization and drama groups formed

20 attended radio training

2010-2012- 2014 §
WASH program me C.D.O.T, NCA, Losok, Lohilo, ü  Food assistance

ü  to vulnerable persons

ü  Drilling of boreholes in Lowoi and Kudo Payam

ü  Water catchment in Lohilo

ü  Formation and training of water management committees

·         More than 9725

·         people got access to safe drinking water

·         6 boreholes rehabilitated

·         More than 125 participants  attended water  users training

·         5 water mgt committees formed and trained on financial  mgt


2009 and 2012

§  Poor infrastructure and net-working

§  Mismanagement of boreholes rehabilitated

§  Irregular committee meetings

PACT-JUBA  imajari, kudo
Life skills project psychosocial  supports War Child Holland / European Union Hiyala , Tirangore, Hilieu, kudo, Odorio, Askal , Mairo, Iluhum, Moti and Ibalany primary school Torit County Training, capacity building and community mobilization ·         Beneficiaries: Children, young people, adults, PTA, Caregivers, govt and others


·         150 children participated in community activities like school parliament


·         7drama  groups with 80 members formed


·         Radio groups with 20 persons

·         World environment day 3600, African Child Day at Hiyala, International Peace Day at Himodonge, HIV day at freedom square

·         Child protection working groups formed

·         For first time women at Lotuko culture addressed community forum or speaking in front of monyomiji the rule groups

2012- 2016 §  Project ongoing
Partnership for peace European Union /War Child Holland Nyibira and Tirangore Boma Hiyala Payam Training, capacity building and community mobilization ·         Beneficiaries 4000 Euros 26,000 §  Ongoing
WASH NCA Tingara Borehole drilling ·         Borehole drilled   §
Community Security Safer World Illangi and Fodo fodo Boma Nyong Payam Community mobilization and sensitization 4 staff from attended the training for one week on community security assessment

Community security assessment carried out

1st Sep 2014 to 31st Aug 2015 §
Supporting people with disabilities inclusiveness Handicap International and CDOT Pura Kudo after massacre ü  Creation of tournaments for disabled persons

ü  Inclusive of disabled persons in livelihoods

ü  Awareness creation that disability is not inability

·         Disabled persons were able to know their rights

·         Mobilization was achieved

·         Communities were able to know rights of disabled persons

2016 §  Insufficient funds

§  Insecurity

§  Hunger

Education  and child protection issues UNICEF and WCH Lopa and Magwi Sensitization and material support Over 150 children reached by the program me   §  Insufficient funds
Disaster mgt reduction Cord aid  Juba Kapoeta South Community sensitization Over 300 sensitized on risk management   §  Poor roads

§  Insecurity