Stakeholder’s Engagement on Peace and Security in South Sudan

SARRA (Solidarity Association for Rehabilitation and Recovery Affairs) with support from Saferworld conducted one day reconciliation between Oguruny and Haforiere Hiyala Payam Torit East County. The reconciliation was conducted in Hiyala Center as the host community, under the kingdom ship of Mayya, as the soul witness for the reconciliation of Oguruny and Haforiere community. The purpose of this was to cease hostilities among the two communities of Oguruny and Haforiere, to allow free movement of communities without being. The approach used was purely local way of how Otuho handle peace and security issues at the community level.

During the reconciliation dialogue, the youth (Monyomiji), Chief, Kings, landlords, women believed that this will end conflict and violence. The two communities of Haforiere and Oguruny accepted to: Cease hostilities, end the vicious cycle of violence, reconcile and live in peace with each other, Guarantee safe and free movement of people and interaction of indigenous population, including women, people with disability and children. There shall be no more revenge killing and cattle raiding or any form of violence between the Communities of Haforiere and Oguruny as of 28th March 2019. Any person or group of persons who shall contradict shall be individually or as a group held accountable according to the prevailing laws of South Sudan to bring about justice. The two communities accepted to take individual and collective responsibility of compensation for the lives lost during the conflict.


At the closing remarks, Chairperson for State Peace Commission appreciated SARRA and Saferworld for supporting the State in reconciling inter/intra communal conflicts between Baari and Omorwo, Oguruny and Haforiere which the government, some NGOs, UN agencies tried for 10 years but it did not materialize only SARRA and Saferworld because of their unique approach they introduce in resolving conflict in the State.  He further stressed that SARRA and Saferworld is the only organization State governments build truth on base on their work. He requested SARRA and Saferworld to help the government to resolve the remaining inter/intra communal conflicts; Oronyo Vs Idali were 31 women were killed and Ohutok Vs Ibahure conducted fresh conflict which the government is not able to solve accept SARRA and Saferworld he said.


Honorable Commissioner Torit East County, appreciated the engagement of SARRA in supporting his office to bring the two communities together to re-dialogue and finally they reconciled. He reported that 20 dialogues including forums were conducted by many organizations before and after his appointment  to bring Oguruny and Haforiere together but  never yield its results because the attempt did not reach final stages; victims/offenders dialogue, compensation and final reconciliation. He added that this is a historical event to the kingdom of Hujiang where the offenders/perpetrators accepted to compensate witnessed by  neighboring communities of Hiyala, Chalamini, Tirangore, Murahatiha, Olianga, Iloli, Ofi  and the government.  He urged the youth (Monyomiji) from both communities to coordinate and work together to monitor cattle raiders, to forget the past and embark on agricultural activities and send children to school and to support the two families of the perpetrators and the decease to come together and understand themselves one family.   At the closing remarks, He stressed that women should stops singing provocative songs to cause conflict.


King of Hujiang Kingdom, appreciate Oguruny and Haforiere community for their acceptance to come together (reconcile) after many years in conflict with many engagements but it has not reached this level, he hope this is the last many people died during the conflict enough is enough but today, he quoted 28th March 2019 marked the end no more revenge killing/attacks because all of you are brothers from one kingdom of Hujiang. How will the handing over be conducted if you don’t reconcile, come together and live in peace. Oguruny is the host community for historical social cohesion activities (Giving power to the ruling generation)



Youth (Monyomiji) representative from Oguruny and Haforiere, stressed that this will mark the end of conflict, we are brothers of the same father and mother let’s forget the past and renew our life style as ruling generation in the community. One of the sustainability strategy they mentioned was; individual issue will only be handle between the two communities without involving the entire community because it will reduce inter/intra communal conflicts.


Women representative from Oguruny, reported that women and children are vulnerable during the conflict,  she stressed that why should men continue to kill each other enough is enough many have died. Women were restricted from movement, every where they wanted to go require scout, this is time for us to visit our relatives in the two communities to pay condolence for those who were killed during the conflict between Haforiere and Oguruny.  After this reconciliation, we will move and cultivate freely without fear she said.



Annex Photos:


Photos taken during reconciliation between Oguruny and Haforiere Hiyala Payam Torit East County on the 28th March 2019. The reconciliation was attended by (231) out of this (46) females and (185) Males. The gathering comprise of 9 villages of Oguruny, Haforiere, Hiyala, Tirangore, Olianga, Ofi, Chalamini and Iloli.


The above bulls were for reconciliation between Oguruny and Haforiere, the bull on the left is for Haforiere and the one on the right white in color is for Oguruny.


The landlords of Oguruny at the left and Haforiere at the right hand swear on the bulls for reconciliation to mark the end of the conflict between the two communities.



The King of the two communities, Hujiang Kingdom lastly touches the bulls as final blessing to cease hostilities between Oguruny and Haforiere, stressing that this is the final someone who break this will die.



Honorable Commissioner at the left  hand side helping those who are slaughtering as source of joy and hapiness for the reconciliation of the two communities of Oguruny and Haforier

The communities surrounding witnessing the roosting of the meat by the elderly from Hiyala as a neutral person to mix the meats of the two bulls.

The traditional leaders (Landlords) performed rituals to mark the end of conflict, swear to the mixed pieces of meat as asked God to bless the two communities as they are going to eat together.

The youth (Monyomiji) from Oguruny and Haforiere eat the meat after performing rituals as signs of everlasting peace among the two communities (Oguruny and Haforiere)