Staying Active In Community Social Developments

SARRA  play strong positive effort to promote itself  to be active  with regard to issue pertaining social development in the communities to achieve greater impacts and will adapt working methodology that facilitate experience sharing exchange of information capacity building to sustain the momentum of communities social inclusion.

The survey for People with Disabilities was successfully achieved   out of 200 expected number, 50 were selected and registered within Torit County in five blocks of Torit Municipal (Hawai Messer, Ilangi, FodoFodo, Abalwa and Nyong).


  • Limited budget.
  • Budget was send late.
  1. Achievements
  • Over 60 direct beneficiaries’ people with disabilities received training on small scale business and the rights of people with disability and 25 indirect beneficiaries reached during the training.
  • The people with disabilities participated positively during the training and are acknowledged on their rights as people with disabilities within the communities.
  • The participants are eager toform an association that can guide them and work together within the community base on their points of views.
  • They have received some counseling and psychos-social support from the facilitators. (inclusiveness in decision making process within the community)
  • The participants realized that they are very important and able to do any work that the people can do.
  • The participants know themselves during the training and they were able to exchange their contracts for easy communication.
  • They shared their testimonial as people with disabilities as parents of the children.


  1. Challenges


  • The participants have high expectations
  • The number of participants was beyond the expected one which made it difficult Cather for them.
  • Limited funds
  • Transportation of the participants.
  • Sign langue for some participants which had made it difficult for the facilitator to facilitate.
  • Limited days for the training.
  • Increase of food and commodities in the market.



Mary Paul with her three children and James Wani on the left hand  turn up during the  training on small scale business on the 25th October 2016 at Cooperative hall Compound.


The below pictorial were taken during the training for People with Disabilities on small scale business on   the 25th – 26th October 2016 at Cooperative hall.

1. Considering the target number of beneficiaries only during  the next training The beneficiaries have high expectation/ demand during the Workshop. There is a need for fund mobilization to empowerment and improved social economic livelihood for persons with disabilities in the State.
2. The two days  workshop are not enough for training SARRA is the only Organization whohas done such workshop in the State to recognize the people with disability at the state level. More awareness raising for stakeholders, government, agencies and other private institution at the community.
3. All other stakeholders should be included Such as Government, NGOs, UNMISS, Legal body, and Human right in Next training to ensure access to services for the people with disabilities Training of People With Disability has built the capacities of PWD for the realization of right and decision making for participation in socio economic in nation building Training on advocacy strategy for people with disability.
4. Venue and date for training should be communicated in one week ahead of time. `The participants feels they are able NOT in cable. Training of the facilitators on the sign language.
5. Formation of the association for people with disability at the state level. Some participants are ignorant of realizing their important in the community. Monitoring the group activities after giving the startup grand
April 22, 2017

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