Peace Building And Community Livelihood Rehabilitation

In Eastern Equatoria Region, Imotong state government faces many challenges in meeting the priorities of development and is hard pressed to provide for even critical social services like agricultural inputs, agriculture education, health facilities, water, sanitation, transport, communications and other services needed. Rural communities are especially facing disadvantaged due to the challenges of poor infrastructure and limited capacity of the state in providing basic social services for the communities.

Where food production and general carpentry is concerned, most of the youth interested to joint carpentry and joinery training  school due to lack of adequate fund, youth appealed for continuation of carpentry and Joinery training to provide them opportunity of self-dependent

With support from the cord aid of the Netherlands through Re-construction project, SARRA in collaboration with Torit County officials is working towards addressing the aggressive behaviors and practices as key to improve of livelihood and food security, wellbeing and business opportunity for communities of Torit County.

  1. Executive Report

Peace building and community livelihood Rehabilitation project was funded by cord aid and implemented by SARRA for 6 month in three Payams of Torit County that targeted 360 direct beneficiaries and 1,200 indirect beneficiaries. The project aimed to support and rebuilding of lives so that happiness create in the war ravage communities.

Farmers reveal benefits from the support by acquisition of assets like selling of fish, G/nut, charcoal and acquisition of timbers for Chairs, Table and bed construction.

Challenges on support use ranging from food insured to, community migration to neighboring countries, un- favorable weather and many another lessons learnt in the small support management by political situation in the country.

Observation on the ground indicates that, Reconstruction projects can transfers innovation and improved livelihood of practices if properly planned and implemented. Farmers working in these farms received on farm training which is in tern put in practices by some farmers especially row planting in Vegetables. Group of carpentry received training and start-up tools to implement their business.

The area put under vegetable by farmers and yield remain very low. About 30 Feddans were planned to be put under various vegetables for 6 groups as 18 groups planed for VSLA group but reduced to 6 VSLA groups. However the actual 35 Fadden’s were actually planned for when the area of interposed is separated.

Farmers hailed the training conducted to them and pleaded for more training. Exposure visits with the county or outside for different categories of farmers has been recommended by the project but due to insecurity the fund shift to carpentry activity.

 General Situation

The situation was bad since 11/July.2016 the activities outside Torit Town were not possible to implement because of insecurity. On the Kapeota between Tirangore and Murahatika the vehicle were attack several time and passenger were killed. In Loudo it was difficult by then for couple of month but now things calm down. In Torit Town the situation is Ok.

  1. Purpose / Objectives
    1. Activities 1

Mobilization and Registration of beneficiaries from three Payams which was done in May and June2016.

These activities were done successively. Therefore, the following activities were:

Sensitization of youth

  1. Identification and Registration of community facilitator peace
  2. Identification and Registration of carpentry and Joinery
  3. Meeting with Payam development committee
  4. Identification and Registration of VSLA group
  5. Identification and Registration of vegetable groups
    1. Activities 2
  1. Training of carpentry: the training took place on September and continues until December 2016.
  2. Training of Vegetable: the products for vegetable have reached the market in Torit.
  3. Training of VSLA group: the training has done in Directorate of Corporative the participants were many compare with registered during mobilization.

 Activities 3

  1. Purchase of station for carpentry and Joinery students
  2. Purchase of wood implements
  3. Purchase of carpentry and joinery tools
  4. Purchase of Assorted Seeds
  5. Monitoring of work


    1. Activities 4
  1. Purchase of vegetable seeds
  2. Purchase of VSLA tool box
  3. Monitoring carpentry work
  4. Purchase of start-up tools for carpentry and Joinery
  5. Purchase of poultry start-up.
    1. Activities 5
  1. Training of carpentry
  2. Training of vegetable
  3. Training of community peace facilitator on peace dialogue
  4. Training of VSLA on VSLA concept and Methodology.
  5. Theory and practical for students of carpentry and joinery
  6. Training of Poultry management
  1. Accomplishment

Below is the table of project achievements of beneficiaries (farmers group)

S/No Activities Quantity


Date Targeted Location/Payams


F M Total
1 Sensitization meeting with community leaders 82 93 175 06-10/06/2016 Bur, Himodonge and Hiyala
2 Identification & Registration of community peace facilitators 43 47 90 13-17/06/2016 Bur, Himodonge and Hiyala
3 Identification & Registration of beneficiaries for skills training and Agri-enterprices 40 50 90 27-30/06/2016 Bur, Himodonge and Hiyala
4 Meeting with Payam development committee Boma council 38 46 84 05-08/07/2016 Bur, Himodonge and Hiyala
5 Identification formation and Registration of VSLA groups 81 49 130 25-29/07/2016 Bur, Himodonge and Hiyala
Training achieved from the project activities  
1 Training of carpentry and Joinery 9 17 26 5-Oct-5 Nov.2016 Bur, Himodonge and Hiyala
2 Training of Vegetable Productions 47 43 90 Sept/2016 Bur, Himodonge and Hiyala
3 Training of VSLA group 37 53 90 November-2016 Bur, Himodonge and Hiyala
4 Training of community peace facilitators on monitoring and conflict mitigation 38 34 72 Sept-2016 Bur, Himodonge and Hiyala
5 Training of youth on Poultry production 34 11 45 6-7/12/2016 Himodonge, Bur and Hiyala
6 Training of stakeholders on Peace dialogue and Resolution 8 16 24 Sept-2016 Bur, Himodonge and Hiyala
Purchase achieved from the Project activities  
1 Purchase of timber 250 pieces Oct –December 2016 Bur, Himodonge and Hiyala
2 Purchase of Overall uniform to carpentry students 24 Oct-2016 Bur, Himodonge and Hiyala
3 Processing of ID for carpentry students 26 pieces Decmebr-2916 Bur, Himodonge and Hiyala


  1. Problem face

The project implement under critical condition however SARRA as implementer managed to achieved a lot of activities this project. In fact some activities like training of poultry and poultry start-up kit, exposure visit to other counties shifted to carpentry activities due to insecurity in the state

  1. Constraints
  1. Insecurity on the road
  2. Food insecure in Torit County
  3. Migration of communities to neighbouring country
  4. Increase of prices in commodities
  5. Lack exchange exposure visit to neighbouring counties.
  6. Inadequate fund for supporting the project for next year
  7. Fund release late for activities and SARRA does not realize enough monitoring.
  1. Recommendation
  1. Cordaid should extend the Project to beneficiaries in order to recognize success of the project.
  2. Cordaid should focus to increase terms of carpentry training for 6 month to 9 month to enable the community to acquire more skills.
  3. Cordaid should change system of transferring fund to SARRA and create a close relationship for monitoring staffs who implement the project with SARRA administration.
  4. Community of three Payams were suggested that similar project should be implemented to indirect beneficiaries.
  5. Cordaid should encourage training to staffs on Agriculture information technology.
April 22, 2017

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