Intra-communal dialogue between Municipal Council Farmers Group.

SARRA conducted inter-communal dialogue within Himodonge community and infra-communal dialogue between Himodonge and Torit Municipal council farmers group. The purpose of the peace dialogue was to bring the two communities to understand their differences and comes up with possible solutions and recommendation

This activity was to address one of the key prioritized community concerns based on community action plan; planning to address tension between  Torit municipality farmers group and Himodonge community (Monyemiji ). Issues prioritized during CAG meetings and the last CSA in torit county Eastern Equatoria state, Torit.

The major peace and security concerns the parties have and discussed were as mentions:

  • Insecurity and economic hardship
  • Cases of looting, theft/stealing along the main road and in the farms.
  • Harassment and killing
  • Illegal breaking of stones (quarry)
  • Poor coordination within and between farmers group and Himodonge community particularly local authority (Monye-miji).
  • Disafforestation ( unnecessary cutting of trees )
  • Ethnic tension within and between communities

The action points and recommendation made during the dialogue was as mention below:

  • Need for committee to be farm from the two parties
  • Need of join monitoring and evaluation of the forest
  • Farmers need to avoid unnecessary cutting of big fruitful trees
  • Need for proper coordination within and between Himodonge community and farmers group.
  • The committee form should register all the farmers cultivating in the area
  • Need to report those involving in the cases of theft, looting and harassment (criminal’s activities )

The participant from the two parties participant peacefully and were able to forgive each other and reconcile in the present of authorities. Himodonge community allowed farmers to continuing with the normal farming with consultations.

In the closing remarks authorities (county commissioner and Governor) appreciated the two parties of Himodonge and farmers group whom were come together to resolved their differences and the supporters for this peace dialogue to continuing creating peace among the people of Imotong state in his closing remarks Governor Imotong state said farmers has to start farming for us to fight the current economic crisis in south Sudan.

April 22, 2017

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