Community Action Group Training (CAG) In Torit County

SARRA facilitated training of Community Action Group (CAG) members including community water management committee on water management and conflict resolution including basic skills on water pump mechanic. The purpose of training or aims:

  • To increase the understanding of the basic principles of water management and conflict resolution including hand pump mechanics.
  • To improve communication and skills for managing boreholes and resolving conflicts around the water sources and within communities.
  • To learn about and practice conflict resolution processes, including mediation

This activity was to  address some of the key prioritized community  concerns based on community action plan; planning to address conflict along water sources (Boreholes) within the communities in Torit municipality by doing this we are targeting communities and community action group members in Torit municipality use their increased analysis, dialogue, and peace building skills to identify, priorities, analyses, and resolve local- and state  issues prioritized during CSWG meetings and the last CSA in Torit county Eastern Equatoria state, Torit.

CAG during the training and after were appreciating SARRA and Safer world for supporting each capacity building requested by community and they were able to gain knowledge on water management and conflict resolution particularly during the practical secession on hand pump mechanics and able to repair one hand pump.


Total number of CAGs members trained during the reporting period
Actor Categories Male Female Total
Youth[1] Elderly Youth Elderly
Communities 17 9 6 4 36
Authorities 0 4 1 1 6
Civil Societies 2 1 0 0 3
External actors 0 0 0 0 0
Sub Total 19 14 7 5 45

[1]Youth age groups are from 18 to 35 and 36 and above are categorized as elderly.

April 22, 2017

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