Peace & Reconciliation Dialogue-7, March,2017

Opening consultation peace and reconciliation dialogue byCommissioner Torit central county

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Our Vision

To be A leading organization for empowerment people to live a better and sustainable life.


Transforming communities for peaceful co-existence and sustainable development through promoting food production, human rights, clean healthy environment and industrialization and participating for national decision- making.


Efficiency and effective society

Every person’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering individuals, local structures and communities to advocate for all their Development.

Welcome to SARRA

SARRA is a focus of hope for general transformation of the stakeholders to a better lives, potential cultural peaceful co – existence, the world inherited problems of converted into a night mare retargeted of devastating civil wars which is cited as the longest guerrilla movement in Africa Countries, uprising in the middle East Countries Eastern world conflicts , a roaming spectrum…..

Historical Profile

Solidarity Association for Rehabilitation & Recovery Affairs (SARRA) was first established way back in 2005 after the government had just signed the CPA. By 2014, was registered as a national NGO on 26/10/2016 by the Ministry of Justice and Judiciary affairs REG/NO 2202.  The geographic operation area of SARRA is the former Eastern Equatorial ……

About Us

Solidarity Association for Rehabilitation and Recovery Affairs (SARRA ) is an a national Non Organization initiatedfor transformation of all the communities by encouraging, them to participate for the national decision – making and further getting solution the issues that affect them negatively through making them understand their roles responsibilities for resolving their needs and crisis, and sharing with them to know that toomuch depending on outside supports is part of ……..Readmore

  • Logo

    The three people, Mother and Father taking heavy loads and handling their child with care means no body is left behind.

  • Intervention areas

    Community security and safety, Peace building and conflict resolutions, advocacy,lobby for community peaceful co-existent…readmore